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Health And Safety Policies

The management, with the adoption and implementation of the Management System for Health and Safety in the Workplace according to the standard UNI ISO 45001, is committed to pursuing the following main objectives:

  • Take steps to prevent accidents and diseases at work, with the aim of improving the implementation of the Management System for Health and Safety in the Work Environment and its performance
  • Comply with all applicable laws and agreements to safety in the Work Environment
  • Train and sensitize all staff on safety issues in the workplace, for all to perform their duties safely and be aware of their responsibilities with regard to health and safety in the work place

To achieve these goals the management is committed to:

  • Make available adequate resources (human, professional resources, infrastructure and economic) so that the policy is understood, implemented and supported at all levels
  • Give the necessary authority to the Management System Manager to ensure the necessary coordination and ensure that the system itself is made in compliance with relevant regulations
  • Systematically verify the goals set by monitoring business indicators and review at planned intervals the Management System to ensure its continuing suitability, adequacy and effectiveness
  • Highlight the shortcomings or unwanted trends, identify the causes and take appropriate corrective action or preventive action from the prospective of continuous improvement of Health and Safety Management System, by providing adequate resources and defining implementation times and responsibilities



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